Instructor: Larry Sanchez
Please call the person listed with each sponser of the training
 to reserve your space.
NM - New Miner.......AR - Annual Refresher........FA - First Aid
Please ensure that the Bureau of Mine Safety has a copy of your Training Plan on file to ensure compliance with MSHA Training Requirements
BMS is pleased to announce that we are beginning training again, utilizing zoom classes and/or live classes, if circumstances permit.

For a zoom class, you will need one or more screens large enough for your crew to be able to see all movies, power points or lessons from the trainer.

***It is important to note that you must have a camera attached to your screen so the trainer can see each person in attendance.

Each person could potentially view the class via their own telephone or tablet, if available. Each class will have it's own log in and password, and must be obtained from the instructor ahead of time.

For a live classroom, there must be masks supplied for each participant to wear during the whole training as well as a room large enough to maintain appropriate Covid standard space for each person.


Please contact the trainers to set up training (see below)


Scheduled classes:


Phone Number Zoom or Live classes offered,
Terry 505 553 1535 depending on circumstances.
Larry 505 553 1534 call the trainers to discuss.
To schedule your company, call: 575 835 5460