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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Facilities

In addition to Tech’s extensive computer facilities, the department also maintains a number of labs and computers that are connected to a state-of-the-art gigabit network. The group projects lab has high-definition televisions for visualization and large programming projects as well as dual-screen systems, all available for student use. Many of the television-connected machines are equipped with Quadro 2000 graphics cards, graciously donated by NVIDIA. All classrooms are equipped with high-definition 1080p projectors and instructor presentation stations. Systems in the group project lab dual-boot into Windows 7 or Arch Linux. There is also a dedicated Information Assurance Lab. Most graduate students are assigned computer systems and offices. PhD candidates are equipped with their own laptop computer to aid in their research.

The department network and servers are maintained by a team of dedicated students. The Information Technology and Communications center supports a much larger network that is also available to the department. The department has some clusters for high-perfomance computing and access to massively parallel machines at national laboratories and supercomputing centers.


Cramer 213 Lab

This lab has 14 computers in it, including five with 40″ monitors and Nvidia Cuda cards, eight with dual 17″ screens, and one with a 50″ monitor. All of the computers are running primarily Debian and have Windows available, as well. There is a HD DLP projector hooked up to the front computer, projecting onto one of the wall-sized whiteboards. A printer is available in the back of the lab for student use, which can be accessed through the lab computers or when connected to the CS Department network. There is ample space for group work at any of the six workstations.

Cramer 233 Lab

This lab is the official office space for TAs of the CSE 113 class and tutors can often be found here to help with CSE 101 through 221. It is equipped with six lower-end machines and a large white board. The tutoring schedule can be found here.

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Cramer Hall Room 227
Classroom, Cramer Hall 227
Information Assurance Lab Cramer Room 228
Information Assurance Lab, Cramer Hall 228