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New Mexico Tech

Office of the Registrar

The New Mexico Tech Registrar’s Office supports the overall mission of the Institution by upholding academic policies, preserving the integrity of academic records, and providing procedural and administrative support for all students from the application stage to degree completion and beyond.


Important information is posted in Links below

NMT Dynamic Forms Dashboard

Secure link to upload sensitive documents to Registrar Office

FAQ's & Help information

 Hours of Operation:  

8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

The Registrar's Office can be contacted by:

E-mail: registrar@nmt.edu
Phone: 575-835-5133
Toll Free: 1-800-428-Tech ext. #6
Fax: 575-835-6511

Registrar Office located in Fidel 2nd floor Room 285

Staff Directory 

Name Title Phone Email
Hezekiah Oxford Administrative Assistant 575-835-5564 hezekiah.oxford@nmt.edu
Alicia Romero Transfer & Articulation Assistant 575-835-5134 alicia.romero@nmt.edu
Ginese Vigil Community Outreach Coordinator 575-835-6581 ginese.vigil@nmt.edu
Alex Armendariz Office Coordinator 575-835-5559 alexandria.armendariz@nmt.edu
Titia Dons Barham Transfer & Articulation Specialist 575-835-5507 titia.donsbarham@nmt.edu
David Medcalf Data Analyst 575-835-5473 david.medcalf@nmt.edu
Steph Moore Instutional Researcher 575-835-5128 steph.moore@nmt.edu
Tom Kaus Associate Registrar 575-835-5564 thomas.kaus@nmt.edu
Heather Juarez Institution Registrar 575-835-5564 heather.juarez@nmt.edu