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CSE Student Resources

Where to find help for classes.

There are tutors and TAs available for many of the Computer Science classes. Official helpers (and fellow students) can usually be found in the Cramer 213 lab or Cramer 233 lab. The tutoring schedule for the Cramer 233 lab can be found here.

Department Services


For anyone with an account, email can be access either through the web interface at https://cs.nmt.edu/webmail or through IMAP (cs.nmt.edu:993) or SMTP (cs.nmt.edu:587).

Logging in through ssh

You can log in with ssh at <username>@login.cs.nmt.edu if you have been given a CS Department account.

Getting a CS Department Account

All staff, students majoring in computer science, or graduates of the department can get an account. To apply, please email sysadmin@cs.nmt.edu with your full name and student ID number.