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NMT Special Research Projects Division

Special Research Programs (SREP)


The Office for Special Research Programs (SREP), under the NMT Division of Special Research Projects, serves the students, staff, and faculty by offering five comprehensive programs. 

The objective is to benefit the community of New Mexico Tech in collaboration with stakeholders from international institutions of higher education. 

SREP aims to extend the frontiers of knowledge through research projects and scholarship on leadership in higher education.

New Vision

The Special Office for Special Research Programs' vision is to put students and researchers at the center of STEM Education. We believe that everyone has a right to do collaborative research.

Special Programs

  1. International Special Research Opportunities and Partnerships: Summer Bridge Program
  2. Presidential International Leadership Training Program in Higher Education
  3. Peer Review Professional Americas Conference of Universities in STEM Education
  4. Annual Special Research Institute on Space Science Program
  5. Special Research Program in STEM Education 

New Mission

The Special Office for Special Research Programs' mission is to build a vibrant community of intellectual activity, special research projects, and innovation. 

The Office for Special Research Programs' new initiative 2024 is to build a dynamic Center in STEM Education with vigorous special research activities, professional programs, and financial support from universities in collaboration with government institutions and private entities. 


Through short bridge special programs and collaboration with institutions in research, professional training, and leadership development, we  support students, researchers, and professionals in addressing the challenging problems in STEM education. We will focus on some of the following strategies:

  1. Promote the new  SREP with foreign universities. 
  2. Introduce and support special research opportunities for NMT faculty and students.
  3. Introduce and provide international bridge programs for NMT students.
  4. Develop and provide special research project opportunities for the international market of stakeholders in higher education.
  5. Introduce and support higher education, public policy, and STEM education postdoctoral programs.
  6. Provide professional leadership development programs and seminars. 
  7. Introduce and lead the annual peer review Americas Conference of Universities in STEM Education. 
  8. Sponsor and promote NMT International Outreach Recruitment Promotion at the annual Americas Conference of Universities in STEM Education.
  9. Sponsor international seminars and workshops for professionals in leadership development, higher education, public policy,  and policy sciences.
  10. Introduce and support university meetings in hydrology, geology,  mining, space, cybersecurity, etc.